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Nothing But Butta

Ultimate Bundles (W/ Butta Cream)

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9oz Butta Cream, 8oz Butta Scrub, 2oz Body Oil, 2oz Butta Cream Travel Size, 16oz Body Wash, Perfume


Our jars are made of fully recyclable glass. We choose glass over plastic because plastic may contain traces of chemicals found in the packaging, and these chemicals can be toxic. The same isn't true of glass containers, since glass contains far fewer toxic substances that won't leach out of the glass anyway.

Shipping & Returns

Due to the high volume of orders, currently all orders have a 3-10 business day processing time. This means that you may not get a tracking number until 10 business days after your order is placed. While we are moving as quickly as possible please be as patient as you can and email of with any concerns.

Due to COVID-19 regulations we are not able to take any returns. Please email us if you have any questions or is unsastified with your order.


All glass jars are 8oz

Care Instructions

Treat your butta's like the butter in your fridge, it cannot get too hot or it WILL melt. In the case that it does, it's fine and won't lose any healing properties the consistency will change however. Also remember that the jars are made out of glass, so be very careful with handling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sabriyya Joyner
Delayed but worth it

It was lost but she maganged to get it too me i cant smell it like normal but ill continue to order


I have an obsession with this bodycare line. I love how the products are so natural and the scent lingers even after the shower. The ATL scent is so yummy and I love it.


Took a long time to arrive and a bit too perfumy for me

Thanks Shawn so much for your review!! We’re glad the product came even after all and so sorry for the delay that was caused ! Boujee is one of our most popular scents because it’s more of a perfume balance so we 100% agree with it being perfumy. All in all we’re glad you decided to try us out! We hope you have a great rest of the year.

Beanca Smith
Absolutely love

This was one of the scents I was a little nervous about getting but I love the scent notes. So good for the summer time. The presentation was awesome as always and the scent is long lasting.

Why Nothing But Butta?

All of our products are made in small batches right in the heart of Georgia. We are a small business that takes each ingredient we use serious. We value constant research and investments in what we feel would serve your skin best.