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Bundles w/Body Wash

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 Bundles with body wash do NOT come with a scrub, the wash replaces the scrub.

As requested, bundles with body washes instead of scrubs are now available. These bundles include, full size butta, Body wash, body oil and a travel size butta. 


Our jars are made of fully recyclable glass. We choose glass over plastic because plastic may contain traces of chemicals found in the packaging, and these chemicals can be toxic. The same isn't true of glass containers, since glass contains far fewer toxic substances that won't leach out of the glass anyway.

Shipping & Returns

Due to the high volume of orders, currently all orders have a 3-10 business day processing time. This means that you may not get a tracking number until 10 business days after your order is placed. While we are moving as quickly as possible please be as patient as you can and email of with any concerns.

Due to COVID-19 regulations we are not able to take any returns. Please email us if you have any questions or is unsastified with your order.


All glass jars are 8oz

Care Instructions

Treat your butta's like the butter in your fridge, it cannot get too hot or it WILL melt. In the case that it does, it's fine and won't lose any healing properties the consistency will change however. Also remember that the jars are made out of glass, so be very careful with handling.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shawanda T Brown
Love it

I am enjoying my bundle. Haven’t used the body wash yet. I prefer the body scrub so I’m using that up first. The smell on my skin is amazing and smells wonderful. You have truly out did yourself with you products. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering me some more body scrub soon.

Adelis Hernandez
Top Tier Moisture !

Do you have dry skin ? Do you love butters and oils but hate the fact they just sit on top of your skin and never truly moisturize ? After using your oils and butters when you bend over slightly you feel your skin stretching and cracking followed by an instant itch ? Do you hate the fact you have to apply your butters and oils straight out of the shower while calculating how much you can truly dry yourself off with your towel to lock in some moisture otherwise it just sits on your skin ? Well have no fear cus Nothing But Butta is HERE !!! Both the oil & the butter moisturize your skin like a rich lotion (individually) while still providing that Shine and Glow (that truly lasts) like an oil ! Do you hate oils because it leaves a weird filmy residue ? Because as soon as you get dressed you’re ashy again ? Because you have to use a body yogurt before the butter and then follow behind with the oil ? And you’re still not truly moisturized ? This is the recipe you’ve been looking for ! You can now step out of your shower , fully dry yourself , do your face routine first , brush your teeth and THEN use the butter and or oil (because they both moisturize the SAME !) These products are so damn good that it will moisturize your feet and keep them hydrated without having to use socks to trap in that moisture ! That’s when I new these products were TRULY the truth because oil and butter will just sit on your feet in the worst way ! And the scent ! Woooo baby ! I got Boujee and idk what I was expecting but I was so pleased and the more I use it the more I fall in love with the scent ! And the scent lastsssss it truly LASTS ! Till the next day ! Your skin is going to feel like SILK ! I went to pound town last night and let me tell y’all how this nigga NEVERRRR compliments how soft my skin is , and while he was in it he said “Damnnn your skin is so soft” and start tongue kissing my back 😭 . Just give her your money and get your products and be happy like me 😅🤣

Here’s a picture of me after using Boujee Butter & Oil !

Shondala Matthews
The best body butta by far

I love and like the smell it makes my skin soft and glow it's worth the money hopefully in the future i can order more again.

Layaana Camphor

I love my Nothing But Butta Boujee bundle set & I love my Boujee body Mist. This stuff smells so good. I get out the shower feeling & smell so good. I will be ordering again. 😍😊

Mikayla George

I just received my crush body wash bundle and perfume and it smells like heaven! Will be ordering more!

Why Nothing But Butta?

All of our products are made in small batches right in the heart of Georgia. We are a small business that takes each ingredient we use serious. We value constant research and investments in what we feel would serve your skin best.